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We Are All Just Practicing | How to break free from parenting perfectionism


Welcome back! We are kicking off this season by exploring how to stop judging yourself and start enjoying the journey of parenting. We get into how your own childhood affects your parenting, how to let go of the need to perform perfectly and why it's okay to make mistakes with your kids. We talk about why milestones don't matter, why you should let your kids fail and how to build resilience in them AND in yourself.

Join ⁠Very Good Mothers Club⁠ to be a part of our community and join our live monthly calls (4th Tuesday of every month)!

Find Jess at ⁠Jessica Hover⁠ on Youtube and ⁠@jess_hover ⁠on Instagram

Find Layne ⁠@enquiryco⁠ on Instagram


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