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Enquiry is the act of asking for information: it is my constant state of being. I taught preschool for 6 years, specializing in toddlers (18mos-3yrs). Every day was a new discovery because I was constantly asking for information--from books, experts, and other teachers, but mostly from children. What made you decide to do that? What do you want? How do you feel? The answers to these questions make it possible to know what a toddler is thinking, connect with them on their level and build a relationship that allows you to calmly, confidently guide their behavior and growth.

I'm here to show you their world from their perspective.

Layne Deyling Cherland

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about enquiry

Enquiry is resource hub for parents, teachers and anyone else who cares for kids. It's built on a few simple ideas drawn from my experience working with children and being a human. Here are some examples:

Everything is rooted in relationship

Children are guided by emotional connection and they are not motivated by what you do or say if your connection isn't strong. Building a relationship that is respectful, communicative and safe is the #1 priority. Without this, your only tools are fear and force...and we don't use those anymore.

You can't change a child's behavior

You can only change adult behavior to see a different result. If you want to see a shift in behavior, there must be a shift in your dynamic. Change the way you relate to one another on the adult side, and you will see a different response in the child.

We're all just practicing

We are practicing in the yoga sense; not as if we are getting ready for judged performance, but in the way even a master yogi never arrives but simply returns to their practice each morning. This child has never been a person before. They just got here and this is their first try at figuring it all out. You've never been their parent before. Some days we practice well, others poorly. But always we give ourselves grace and return to our practice again in the morning. 


If these ideas resonate with you, we might be a good fit. A number of ways to work with me will be opening up in the next few months (1:1 coaching, group containers, live courses...) but the most immediate way to connect is to send me an email or DM and listen to Very Good Enough, my podcast collaboration with Very Good Mothers Club.

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