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Transitioning from 1 child to 2 and unsure how to prep your toddler?

Don't know when it's ok to say "no" and when to respect their choices?

Tantrums ruining your life? Hitting? Whining? Clinging?

It's all so normal.
And there are lots of tools to help.

1:1 Coaching

Limited coaching spots are now available at $85/session

  • One-off coaching calls with Layne: you're welcome to book as many individual sessions as you prefer.

  • Calls are 45 minutes after which you will receive a full recording of the call to refer back to or share with your partner / fellow caregivers.

  • You will also receive any links, scripts or additional resources discussed on the call.

  • Partners are very welcome to join calls together (in fact, this is often most effective because everyone receives the same information at the same time).

Please note: payment is due before the start of the call. Secure your spot now >

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