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Very Good Enough is a podcast for parents about parenting, yes, but also all the "people stuff" surrounding that.


Our audience is approximately 90% women with children, between the ages of 23-44, located in North America, Europe and Australia.

Last season we saw a listen rate of 2160 per episode on average, with a median of 2305.

Each episode is marketed to a social media audience > 42k followers.

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Data from Spotify which provides 45% of listenership and is representative of overall audience

Very Good Enough  |  Podcast description

Very good is a moving target, but we think you can be a very good (enough) parent if you love your kids and try hard. Join mother of three Jess Hover and preschool teacher Layne Deyling Cherland as we tackle how to understand toddler behavior from THEIR perspective, how to build a non-judgmental community of moms, how to repair our mistakes and have healthy relationships with our partners/kids/selves, plus so much more of what we call "people stuff". We take care of the people who take care of children - moms, dads and everyone else!


Podcast are widely recognized as one of the most effective direct-to-consumers advertising platforms. A 2019 study by Edison Research found that of regular podcast listeners:

  • 70% have considered a new product or service as a result of hearing a podcast ad

  • 44% think more positively about companies that advertise on the podcasts they regularly listen to

  • 37% say podcasts are the best way for an advertiser to reach them

  • 44% agree that they pay more attention to advertising on podcasts than other media



  • Host Read - proven to be more compelling than dynamic placements

  • Mid Roll - at the center point of the episode, proven to be more effective than pre or post rolls

  • 60 seconds long

  • $50 flat rate / episode, two consecutive episodes required

We are offering a limited number of only the most effective formatted ads. Yours will be one of only 3 total ads per episode.


We require a minimum 2 episode run because some episodes are designed to serve a more specific niche than others which provides a high value to our listeners but can result in fewer downloads that week. We want to ensure that we spread your exposure over more than one episode to account for this.

We ask that brands provide us with detailed bullet points of every aspect of their product or service we should highlight in the ad. Hosts will record an organic pitch tailored to our audience in our own voice in order to maximize trust and boost conversions.


Considered on an individual basis, proposal dependent. Please feel free to reach out.


We're excited about the opportunity to match our audience with brands they'll love. Let's connect.

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