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Two preschool toy prisms sit next to each other on a shadowy, white photography background. Light shines through them throwing rainbows in all direction.

Enquiry Co.

your child's world from their perspective




flat lay showing three preschool activity materials laying on a white background. from left: peackock feather, childrens paintbrush with brass head and wood handle, childrens magnifying glass

Enquiry is a place for parents, teachers and caregivers to learn how to understand toddlers as they understand themselves. Toddlers are little scientists, constantly testing their effect on the world (and you!) and it feels hard to know how to meet their ever-changing demands. Once you learn how to see what they think they are doing, you can meet the need behind the behavior and connect with them on a deeper level. 


A podcast for parents who try.

New episodes Tuesdays + Fridays!

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We're over the moon to announce that 1:1 coaching is available NOW

Spots are limited so if you need personalized support, don't wait :) 

Coming 2024


Drop your email address below to stay up to date as we open group containers, digital offerings and live coaching courses! 


Upcoming Events


||  The Transition From 1 Baby To 2  ||

We will be discussing the wild ride of growing your family, including:

  • Preparing your toddler (and yourself) for the arrival of the new sibling.

  • Navigating the chaos of a newborn AND a toddler.

  • Giving yourself grace as a modern mom and permission to do what works best for YOUR family.


90 minutes on Zoom | $45 investment | Thursday, 10/19 7:30pm PST

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Send a message if you have questions about what we do, need toddler advice, just want to chat...




if you want to submit a listener question to be answered on the podcast! 

Thanks! Excited to hear from you!

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