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tantrums masterclass

As a teacher, I used to brace myself for toddler tantrums every day. When it came to weathering the storm (read "screaming"), nobody could just stand there and take it like me. Of course, some days I broke down crying, too, or reacted more sternly than I would like. It wasn't until I began to understand the process toddlers are going through, developmentally, that I felt like I had any tools to DO something about tantrums.

It's easy to write off toddler tantrums as "bad behavior" or "just a stage".

But when I learned about the experience from THE CHILD'S perspective, everything changed.

I learned how to support a toddler's vital emotional development while still holding firm, loving boundaries. I learned to anticipate tantrums and meet the need before the explosion happened. And I learned how to be with an upset toddler in a way supports them without overindulging. Now, I've created this course to offer these tools to you.


  • Why the toddler stage is so volatile


  • How to support essential emotional development


  • practical strategies to see FEWER and BRIEFER tantrums right away


As a mom of two toddlers, I’ve been in the thick of tantrums. After Layne’s class, I feel much more equipped. Her strategies have made the transitions in our daily routine go much more smoothly. She provides practical guidance and insight on tantrum prevention and resolution based on your child’s developmental stage and needs. Layne is an amazing resource and I highly recommend her tantrums masterclass!

Kate P

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