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Our Values

We are mesmerized by young children - what they are are and what their internal world is like. They are "little scientists" wired to wonder, explore, test their theories again and again until they're satisfied. They've already embarked on their own learning expedition; they must do it all with their own hands - all the wondering and experiencing and discovering. We get to enhance the journey with cool ideas about the world they don't know yet and watch them apply their everyday genius to all of it. They do it; we offer ideas  (plus a little bit of structure and lots of attention). Magic comes in getting to witness the moments of discovery together.

This is what we have been privileged to experience and enjoy in early childhood education. We want you to have it, too. That's why we created Enquiry. We'll take care of of the ideas and give you the structure. You provide the time and attention. And you get the magic.

A note from our founder:


Enquiry Co. emerged out of the new needs in a pandemic world as lots of parents I knew where suddenly at home with their children wondering, "What should I do all day with this little wild thing?" I know what to do with 2, 3 and 4 year olds. I had the time of my life for six years in early childhood education. Young children are doing every single thing for the very first time; to witness the first time they see thunder and lightening or hold a frog or play with a prism to literally create rainbows... amazing. I want to pack this space with what you need to have these experiences with your children or your students. I want it to be easy for you whether you have an education degree or are a first time mom or nanny or grandparent or any other kind of grown up who cares about a child. I hope this space answers your questions, gives you tools and fills you with confidence. We are just getting started and we'll be iterating fast so let us know how we can be here for you. And I'm serious about the typos - if you find one you HAVE to tell us!


Layne Deyling Cherland

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Enquiry Co. was designed to support homeschool parents and teachers of preschool aged children. We are a super small team with an early childhood education background and a deep respect for narwhals and hot lava. We aim to fill this site with everything you could need either at your kitchen table or in your classroom starting with lesson plans and companion resourcesWe would love to hear from you, answer any questions or offer ideas so please reach out. We are just getting started and eager to hear your feedback (and for the love of syntax, please, tell us if you find a typo)!


We cover the back end work of planning and structuring. We only use materials that you already have on hand or could easily grab at the store. We lay everything out in the simplest way. And we are available to help, if you ever need us.


Any focused time spent with a child is valuable to them. So check that off. Adding deliberately designed, stimulating material for them to sink their teeth into will make that time meaningful developmentally, as well.


Our content is genuinely interesting. We respect children as "little scientists" bent on exploration so we use their time well. Our activities are designed to be rigorous and satisfying for them, easy and delightful for you. 

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