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A plan for play.

Children arrive wired to learn. You have all the knowledge and experience they're looking for. What you need is a place to start. Curriculum is a way to organize the introduction of amazing things and let the discovery evolve and unfold from there. Here's how it works.


Pick A Lesson

Start with Color Theory I, II + III. They're crafted as an introduction and are always FREE. After that, lessons feature a theme attached to a letter. We start with letters that are the easiest to build rather than the beginning of the alphabet. Feel free to order lessons however you like just know that the first few are designed to be a bit lighter, offering an opportunity to ease your way in.


Check Your Email

After purchase, you'll instantly find a digital download of the lesson plan in your inbox. This includes learning concepts, children's literature recommendations, activity instructions with easy-to-follow photos, any extra templates the activities call for and a linked shopping list for materials. 


Visit the Companion Page

Follow the links to the the RESOURCES section of this website. Every lesson is accompanied by a page where we've poured all our expertise about the learning concept, skills practiced and child development. This, in our opinion, is where the real goods are found! We kept the lesson plans simple and FILLED the resource pages with all the practical know-how and helpful extras we have.


Watch the Book Reads and Time Lapses

At the bottom of each resource page, you'll find links to two kinds Youtube videos - book readings of all the recommended literature and time lapse videos of us walking you through how to execute any activities that are little bit more involved.

For now, the book readings are the best we could find of Youtube. Original Enquiry videos are coming soon!


Collect Your Materials

We took great care planning these lessons to only use materials that can be easily grabbed from the grocery or drug store. There are exceptions here and there (feathers, plastic magnifying glasses, etc...). Lesson plans include a linked shopping list for any materials you may need to order.



The catch: you have to show up and play. We wrote lessons for you that are tactile, immersive and joyful. These are not worksheets to set in front of a child and walk away. They are experiences to learn through together. Everything you find here is meant to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to unlock the world for them and let them fun free in it.

Starter Materials Kit

CLICK HERE to download a free linked collection of your everyday materials and get started! 

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