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The Thing I Hate About Moms | How to foster an inclusive and supportive motherhood culture

Season 2 Episode 5


Moms (maybe all women?) treat each other very badly and Jessica Hover hates it. She hates the "us vs. them" camps parents sort themselves into. She hates behind-the-back gossip and mom-shaming. She hates that mothers define themselves by what they are against. She hates it when parents steal each others' joy by saying, "Just you wait..." AND she has some ideas about how we can do better. This week, we get deep in the weeds about what a community of moms could really look like, how we could take care of each other and what we could to do to make each others' lives easier. We talk about why moms are so quick to judge each other, the impact of social media on parenting anxiety and how to create a culture of empathy among parents.

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