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Transitions | How to embrace change and thrive in the midst of it


This episode was a masterclass in transitions for US - we set out to talk about how to manage emotional life transitions and then we were interrupted and had to handle real-time transitions 3 times during this recording! If you are facing a major life transition and feeling big feelings about it, this one is for you. We explore why transitions are so hard, all the fear as we approach the new thing and what tools we have found to help ourselves know it's going to be okay. Each of us shares specific stories about the many times our lives have changed and what we wish we could tell our younger selves about how these life experiences changed us for the better. We give advice about how to stay calm and set realistic expectations during stressful times. We do our best to offer practical support to help you thrive through whatever circumstance you are in and also send you a LOT of love.

The documentary Jess mentions - Stutz on Netflix

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