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On vs IN | How to cultivate a sense of direction in life

Season 2 Episode 2


It’s easy to get stuck inside the experience of each day and let one string together with the next until they slip way from you. This is a conversation about coming up for air and looking around. Of course, you have to be “IN” your life and experience it in the present with your kids, your work, your passions. But you also have know how to rise above the hustle, how to check in with yourself, how to get clear on your vision and set direction in order to live the life you want. Jess and Layne have been talking about this for a few months (as you’ll here) and we’re excited to bring you all into the conversation.

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Find Jess at Jessica Hover on Youtube and @jess_hover on Instagram

Find Layne @enquiryco on Instagram



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