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Parenting As a Creative Act | Why boredom is GOOD for you and how to use it

Season 2 Episode 7


Before life with kids, we didn't know it was possible to be over-stimulated and completely BORED at the same time. There's so much to do, it's loud all the time, everyone wants something and's kind of the same thing over and over. Today we discuss why boredom is good for you (and for your kids).

We explore ways to find your inspiration again and use it to bring meaning to time with your children, what parenting and leadership have in common (i.e. why mothers make excellent CEOs) and why motherhood is the most creative act possible: you co-created a new person with the universe and now you get to introduce them to it.

Jess and Layne talk about how to bring creative momentum back into your life, how to celebrate the little discoveries your child makes AS creative acts, and how to use your passions to enhance your experience of parenthood.

Jess' Youtube video we mentioned in this episode - How to balance motherhood

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