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Play Is The Secret To Everything | The number one way to impact your child's life

Season 2 Episode 4


Play shapes every aspect of who your child is becoming and you might not even know what it really is. Do you want your child to have strong social/emotional skills, become a creative problem solver, be confident, have healthy relationships, develop cognitive skills for math and reading, grow strong motor skills and be empathetic? Not exaggerating – it ALL comes through play.

This episode is Layne’s mini-manifesto about how you can enter into your child’s world and really see who they are, how to connect on a deeper level and how you can guide who they are becoming all by understanding what play really is and how to support it. We talk about how to understand your child’s behavior through the lens of what THEY think they are doing, strategies to navigate your dueling agendas and ways to cultivate a strong relationship built on trust and respect.

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