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A Field Guide to Understanding Your Toddler | How to see from THEIR perspective

Season 1 Episode 11


Yesterday was sweet babyhood and today is “the terrible twos.” It literally happens overnight – and it just happened to Jess’ daughter. We share stories about mucus and peas, compare the silliest things we’ve seen trigger huge tantrums and talk about why we actually deeply love two-year-olds. Layne lays out strategies for staying out of power struggles with your toddler while still holding good boundaries and teaching them how to wield their incredible will power.

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Find Jess at Jessica Hover on Youtube and @jess_hover on Instagram

Find Layne @enquiryco on Instagram

How To Handle Toddler Tantrums – If you want more of a foundational look at what toddlers are (brain development, social/emotional growth, etc.) and how to parent one, this video on Jess’ channel basically covers Layne’s entire philosophy (it’s also the first thing we ever made together so…cute).




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