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No Thank You | How to hold personal boundaries with your kids and why it matters

Season 2 Episode 8


How can I be a loving mom (dad, parent, teacher) without getting burnt out? How do I teach my kids it's not ok to hit me? How can I get my child to eat the food I made when she says she doesn't like it? What if they cry for a long time? I'm worried we didn't bond enough when he was a baby - can I still say no or will that drive us farther apart?

This episode drops in to the middle of some thoughts Layne and Jess where having about hot men and what we can take from observing them, then it gets into the good stuff...

Today we are talking about how parents can hold personal boundaries with their child as a response to some of the questions you brought to our community call this month. We talk about why it's good for your child when you hold personal boundaries with them and just what makes it so hard to do. We get into the how and why of saying yes when you mean it, saying no when you need to and how to cultivate a relationship with your child that allows BOTH of you to get what you need. Join ⁠Very Good Mothers Club⁠ to be a part of our community and join our live monthly calls (4th Tuesday of every month)!

Find Jess at ⁠Jessica Hover⁠ on Youtube and ⁠@jess_hover ⁠on Instagram

Find Layne ⁠@enquiryco⁠ on Instagram




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