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Food-Brain-Mood | Nutritionist Dani Roy on how to transform your mental health through food


This week we welcome our first guest on the pod! Dani Roy is perinatal nutritionist who Layne has worked with to manage her depression and anxiety. She specializes in the time period two years before getting pregnant through two years postpartum. Dani walks us through the connection between your mental health and the foods you eat. She teaches us how to avoid postpartum depletion and how to directly support your brain function through a nutrient dense diet. We discuss how eating fat and protein with every meal will make you happier, why cholesterol actually isn't bad, and how to rest your adrenals every day (trust us, you don't want to miss this tip!).

There's a TON of information in this conversation but we also get practical about what you can do TODAY to start feeling better and nourish your family well.

Find Dani at and @happyhealthylittles⁠ on Instagram.

Dani is generously offering a 35% discount to our community on any of her packages! Just use code VGMC at checkout.

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