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Depression Talks | What mental illness is really like and how to heal

Season 2 Episode 3


Jess and Layne reveal their personal histories with depression (and some bonus mental health issues). Layne shares about how a life crisis led to healing from life-long pain, how nutrition healed her anxiety and how to talk to kids about the hard things you are going through. Jess walks us through the life transition and isolation in early motherhood that found her needing treatment at a mental facility and her journey with medication. She talks about the importance of having a community who knows how low you can get and how to make sure you get the help you need (also the importance of movement and SLEEP!). Finally, we take a question about wether or not it is ethical to have a child if you have a history of mental illness (SPOILER: we think you should go ahead and live your life <3).

Jess recommends the book “How To Be Sad” by Helen Russell.

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Find Jess at Jessica Hover on Youtube and @jess_hover on Instagram

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