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Jess' Birth Stories | What it's really like to give birth (three times!)


Today Layne asks Jess all about her birth stories. We talk about how it feels when childbirth doesn't go as planned and how different every single birth story is. Jess shares about the difference between her first birth and her second, her reasons for medicated vs. unmedicated births and what it was like to be pregnant overseas. She explains the how and why of changing doctors in the middle of a pregnancy and what she thinks you should know about C-sections. She also shares her experience of having two babies super close together, how close she came to having a baby in the car on a Los Angeles freeway and how she navigated the uncertainty of three weeks in the NICU with her youngest.

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Find Jess at ⁠Jessica Hover⁠ on Youtube and ⁠@jess_hover ⁠on Instagram

Find Layne ⁠@enquiryco⁠ on Instagram


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