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Questions To Make You Fall In Love | Get to know us

Season 2 Episode 10


This week Jess surprises Layne with a Q&A style quiz guaranteed to make two people fall in love. It sparks all kind of cool tangents, including: how famous is too famous, what to do if a friend steals your baby name, how to remember your childhood, rehearsing telephone calls ahead of time, are audio messages annoying, prioritizing time as parents, Instagram ad shopping and is it a good idea to cut the top off high-waisted underwear.

Things get a little vulnerable but we love this podcast community and are feeling ready to let you know us at a deeper level. If you want to connect in real life, we do a live zoom call in the Very Good Mothers Club community every month on the 4th Tuesday at 12pst and we would LOVE to see your face.

Find Jess at ⁠Jessica Hover⁠ on Youtube and ⁠@jess_hover ⁠on Instagram

Find Layne ⁠@enquiryco⁠ on Instagram




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