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True Love in the Real World | How to make marriages work and when to end them

Season 2 Episode 1


Happy Valentines Day, podcast loves! We are back with season 2 and jumping right in with an episode all about RELATIONSHIPS. Inspired by a question about how to talk to your kids about divorce, Layne and Jess share about our own marriages, with their ups and downs. We tell the stories of how we met our husbands. We talk about the importance of flexibility in romantic relationships, how couples can hold space for each other to change and practical tips for keeping love alive in the day-to-day. We get into the nitty gritty of how to know if it's time to end a marriage, how to care for your kids during a divorce and how to trust yourself to know what you need.

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Find Jess at Jessica Hover on Youtube and @jess_hover on Instagram

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