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The Body Image Confessional | Making peace with your body in your thirties

Season 1 Episode 10


Introducing our JUICIEST (and longest) episode yet! We had neat and tidy plan for this topic which flew out the window the second we hit record. This conversation is nothing short of confessional – two new friends really telling each other truth about how they feel about the bodies they live in. We share stories about trying to relate to our mothers as little girls, teenage eating disorders, contagious self-criticism, working out as an assault survivor, postpartum body shaming, botox + plastic surgery, social media comparison and seriously so much more. It got so good that the sun set on our conversation and we decided to let it be double-length.

We would love to keep this conversation going! If you have thoughts or questions about this topic (or any, really), DM us so we can do a follow up.

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